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Family Consultants are tertiary qualified social workers and psychologists who have specialist skills and experience in family-based assessments. 

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Family Consultant


Hayley Parsons completed her Bachelor of Social Work in 2002 and Masters of Social Work (Family Therapy, Counselling, Human Service Management) in 2006 at the University of Queensland, and Graduate Certificate of Youth Mental Health at the University of Melbourne in 2020.

Hayley is an appointed Regulation 7 Family Consultant under the Family Law Regulations.  This means that Hayley has been assessed by the Court as meeting the requisite qualifications and expertise to undertake the duties of the role of an expert witness in parenting matters.  Hayley holds a Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Social Work (Family Therapy, Counselling, Human Service Management) and a Graduate Certificate in Youth Mental Health.  Hayley is a trained Circle of Security © Parenting Program Provider and has been a practicing Social Worker since 2002.

Hayley’s qualifications and practice experience has specialised in psychosocial and mental health support for children, young people and their families.  With experience working therapeutically with families post separation, Hayley has worked with children and young people experiencing the impacts of separation, as well as with families in improving communication and relationships post separation.

This provides Hayley with unique skills in family assessment, where she is apt in identifying and assessing risk, in addition to a comprehensive consideration of a family dynamics, strengths and capacities, in supporting children and young people to experience parenting environments and experiences that will promote their psychological, social, and relational development into adulthood. 

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Family Reports

A Family Report is a social science assessment to assist parties or the Court to reach agreements regarding parenting arrangements that are in the best interests of the children.  A Family Report may be requested by the Court or privately sought by Parties to provide an impartial and professional assessment of issues in dispute regarding parenting arrangements.  A Family Report provides a comprehensive view of the family and contexts from a social science perspective and will consider what parenting outcomes are assessed to be in the best interests of the children.

Types of Family Reports

There are two primary types of Family Reports, with the aim of assisting in the resolution of parenting disputes in a manner that is focused on the best interests of the children presently and into the future.  

Parties may seek a Private Family Report to assist the parties in reaching parenting agreements either independently or with the assistance of legal representation.

For parties in the Court system, the Judge may appoint a Court Expert to prepare a Family Report to assist the Court in assessing parenting issues in dispute.  A Court Expert refers to qualified and experienced social workers and psychologists who have been assessed by the Court and are appointed under Regulation 7 of the Family Law Regulations.  Family Consultants appointed as a Regulation 7 Report Writers have had their qualifications and experience recognised by the Court. 

Not all Family Report Writers are appointed as Regulation 7 Report Writers, Hayley Parsons holds a current appointment and provides Private Family Reports and as a Regulation 7 Report Writer.

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