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Once Orders are made or agreement is met for a Family Report, a date is established for all parties to attend and a schedule for the day is provided.  

  • Interviews with the relevant adults and these routinely occur for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.  You don’t need to prepare for the interviews however it is important to arrive at your scheduled time and not early or late.
  • Children are also invited to participate through interview, and these discussions occur in a child focused and friendly manner, and as relaxed and comfortable as possible for them.  Children are not forced to participate however it is opportunity for children to express their views and wishes, should they wish to do so.  The Family Consultant will then observe each parent/caregiver with the children.
  • At times, the Family Consultant might seek additional information such as reviewing subpoena material and speaking with relevant professionals such as allied health therapists, school/childcare providers and mental health supports.

You are generally expected to be available all day on the day of interviews and schedules may change if required.

The Family Consultant will take judicious notes during the interviews and observations, which will be utilised to inform writing of the report.

Please note that there is no audio or visual recording permitted during interviews or observations with the children.

Safety of all parties’ and children is paramount and the scheduling minimises potential for parents and caregivers interacting if arrival times are adhered to.  However, if there are any Domestic and Family Violence Orders or Family Violence concerns, you should advise us in advance so that additional safety plans can be put in place.

There may be circumstances where observations do not occur and Hayley will discuss these with you on the day of interview.  Should observations not occur, this is primarily in the best interests of children and their psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing.  Examples include circumstances where children become highly distressed prior to observations or, there has been a lengthy period since the children spent time with a caregiver and there are no plans or supports in place for future time.  

You should just come alone for your scheduled interview and ensure that you have children cared for.  There are no childcare facilities, and it is not appropriate for children to be present during adult interviews.  

It may be appropriate that other adults or children living in your home are also interviewed, you should ensure that you or your legal representative advises us of any additional parties who may need to be interviewed prior to the day, so that arrangements can be made.

The Family Consultant will discuss with you a range of domains during the interview, including your relationship and parenting experiences.  The Family Consultant will discuss areas that impact on parenting and co-parenting, and the children’s health and wellbeing needs.  You will discuss your views and opinions regarding the children and their best interests, and hopes you have for their future.  There is no preparation needed for interviews and you are encouraged to be yourself and be open in your communication as this assists the assessment process.  You do not need to bring anything to the interview, with permitted material provided to the Family Consultant through the Court or your legal representative.  No material is able to be reviewed on the day of interview.


In family report processes, all information provided to the family consultant is not confidential, is admissible in Court and can become evidence in your matter.  Once the interviews and the report are completed, the family consultant cannot discuss it with either party, or receive any further information in relation to the report.  

It is not appropriate to wait in the office space during interviews, either on your own or with the children.  We do not have a noise proof waiting space for children and there are a range of professionals undertaking work within the premise.  


Children will also become increasingly distressed or impatient should they need to wait for lengthy periods, which impacts on the children’s ability to engage with the Family Consultant and to participate in the interviews and observations.  We are uniquely positioned close to a range of shops, cafes, parks and public areas, and should you be early for your scheduled appointment, you are expected to utilise these areas.

The purpose of a Family Report is to identify the best interests of the children and assist families with recommendations as to how to support this.  The Family Report is not written with an aim of denigrating or criticising parents or caregivers, and where there are areas of concern identified, these are routinely articulated in a respectful and child focussed manner, with a particular emphasis on how these concerns can be addressed, to provide best outcomes for children.  

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