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The Therapy Movement


Our team of Clinicians are dedicated to working with you in navigating all of life challenges and addressing mental ill health and concerns. Clinicians work closely with each client in delivering evidence based techniques, strategies and interventions, to collaboratively meet individually defined goals. They do so in a manner that is professional, nurturing and paced specifically to each client’s individual style and preferences.

Our Clinicians work in a variety of areas and with a range of clients, each having specialist areas of practice so we can match you with the best provider for your needs. They use a range of evidence based therapies, uniquely combined for each individual and may include: 


Individual Therapy

Individuals seek psychological support for a range of interpersonal and mental health concerns. Our Clinicians have…


Couple/Relationship Therapy

Couples often seek support during times of increase stress, transition and pressure. Relationship therapy…


Family Therapy

Families are unique and diverse, each experiencing individual challenges and pressures through the lifespan…


Post Separation Family

Co-parenting and maintaining a healthy and functioning family in context of separation is complex and challenging…

Child Therapy

Children experience stressors, impacts and mental health concerns, just like adults. Our Clinicians have specialised…

Youth Therapy

Young people are undergoing a period of rapid change – socially, psychologically, cognitively and physically. The impacts…